Is it worth the risk?

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more
painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
       ~ Anais Nin

This is one of my absolute favorite quotes!

And every time we talk about it during a photo shoot or I post it on Facebook, I hear from so many women who have one of two responses —

“Oh, wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel!” I know it’s time, I know I’m ready and I’m willing to take the risk. I’m ready to be vulnerable and do what I was meant to do and man does it feel freakin’ UH-mazing!!”


“I’m not sure that I’m ready yet, it is overwhelming and I wanna’ go for it, but, yeah, I’m happy staying hidden for a bit longer.”

Both of these women are my clients. And I am also these women.

And I KNOW that woman who is on the edge (I’ve been her for most of my life), not quite ready but looking at the one who has decided to risk and she so badly wants to be her. To feel and taste every tiny bit of what it would be like to take that risk. To jump off the ledge. To create her best magic. To not give a crap what others think. To fly. What would happen? How would life change? How powerful could she actually be if she allowed herself to go for it!?

She wants to be the gal she sees who is already going for it ALL. The woman who doesn’t give a fuck what others think and knows intimately the pain of her “before” and will never go there again. No matter what the result. For this woman, the consequence of being that tight bud isn’t worth it anymore. She has had a taste of life and the magic she has seen that happens when she risks it and damn if it doesn’t feel UH-mazing!

And so what does it take for us to shed one and take on the other? Just like a flower that slowly blossoms with sunlight, water, earth and love and attention.

Do you want to be that woman?  Is it worth the risk? Do you want to play big? 

I know that I do and have already started and although my flower has taken years to bloom, somehow I know that this is the year that it is ready to go into full blossom!

I have decided it is worth the risk. Because I do believe the reward is going to be so sweet!

Last week as I started writing my Life’s Purpose with the help of my new coach, Kathryn Sabol. One of the first questions she asked me was, “If you visualized a gigantic billboard that millions of people would see every day, what would it say?” And within a few seconds, this showed up for me —


Blossoming = Creating MAGIC everyday.
And as Kathryn and I started talking more about it, I almost wanted to take it away and pretend like it never happened because it felt quite overwhelming. But it also felt very powerful and sexy and I asked myself was I really ready to be true to myself and willing to do it every single day? And she reminded me that everyday magic didn’t need to be a burden and that the ‘magic’ can be everything from planning my Woman Redefined Retreat to taking Bella for a walk to treating myself to a massage because my body needs it that week.

And guess what? I am doing that every single day right now. From the smallest thing like just taking five minutes to stand outside in the sunshine and take 7 deep breaths so I can feel calmer to committing to writing a post that feels right to me and dreaming up how I want to get back in to my art this year!

What are you going to do to create MAGIC everyday? Just one thing, write it down or email me back and tell me what feels good to you!

Blossoming = Re-designing your life.
My client, Patricia, came to me as she was starting her business The Sage of Age at the age of 72! She had ‘been there, done that’ and she was making the decision to love every second of her life as she got older. She told me that it was the third and best quarter of life and she wanted to teach other women to embrace their lives, too, especially after they turned 60. Patricia said that as she was turning 60, she feared that her vision of growing old would become a reality. She saw that many women around her were doing the same thing. Even if in their heart, they still wanted to play, have fun and even start anew, their mindset led them to believe that it was the time to settle down, take it easy and settle and so that is what they thought they had to do.


Well, she certainly put the brakes on that! At the gorgeous age of 70-something, this amazing woman decided that it was her time to give back to these women and so she is doing just that! Patricia gives women permission to eliminate their limiting beliefs, redefine aging, clarify their desire, create a compelling vision for their future, increase their self confidence and create more joy and less stress!!

Ummm … YES please … I’ll take some of what she’s having!!

Blossoming = Asking yourself, ‘What do YOU want?!”
I pulled a card out of one of my Inspiration decks recently and this one just stuck with me. It would not leave me alone.

And I have been paying attention.


Ask yourself, “What DO you want?” Take a pause and think about it. It is kinda’ truly mind blowing! You will be amazed as to what starts happening. All of a sudden, you start feeling all dreamy and woozy ’cause it feels THAT good to do what YOU want!! Not what others expect. Not what you think you NEED to do to make everyone else happy. So I dare you to ask yourself from this moment forward, “What do you want?” and see how that feels.

During a recent Access Bars session (with my magical gal Laura here in Atlanta), I had major epiphanies … ((((((M A J O R)))))) … scary and sexy all at the same time. Enough to make me smile and want to cry at once…you know that kind. The more I ask myself ‘What do you want?” I know I am being called to be more, do more and really own myself as an artist. I have fought this vision for a new photography line that has been screaming at me for years and ladies, I think it is about that time! I talk about body, mindset, how I feel but do I really EMBRACE it? It’s time and next week, my post will be about just that and a little sneak into what I plan to do…stay tuned! (p.s. if you haven’t tried Access Bars, I encourage you to do it! If you are in Atlanta, Laura is your gal — reach out to her and tell her I told you to!)

Blossoming = Risk = Reward
So, is it worth the risk?

Every woman I know that has grown into her true purpose, into her true self, honors the woman she has become, has decided that the risk is worth every bit because the reward outweighs all else that she could imagine!

And in this Age of Woman where we are marching for our rights, for the rights of people that we love and adore, and stepping into our divine feminine selves, it is no longer of value to us to remain like the bud of a flower, but instead it is our obligation to our mothers, daughters, families, sons, husbands and other women we love to take that risk — create that magic, re-design our lives and ask ourselves what do WE want.

I am ready. Are you ready to join me?




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