Who do you want to be in a year?

From the day I decided to become a professional photographer, I made the decision that it was also my job to educate clients about value and purpose of the visuals I provide and not just make it about taking pretty photos!

You all know that I am a huge advocate about the “inside work” without a doubt! I talk about my own showing up and being seen story and how it helped me turn a new leaf in my business and personal life and I will never advocate anything different! As a small business owner, however, we must also create our business with strategy and purpose.

And especially when it comes to the visual story — it isn’t about throwing up new photos each year and seeing if they stick or taking selfies for fear that you don’t really know what that story is or working with a photographer that makes you feel yuck inside. It is about longevity. It is about looking under the hood and creating that story. It is about finding that right creative professional who will deliver.

And this is that same education I promised myself I would be responsible for giving to my clients!

And so, this year, it feels like another wonderful chapter of my own business story is being written. As I work with my women and create that “Magic on Purpose” I referred to in my Blog post last week, I realize that I am in turn, helping them create similar magic for their businesses. They are receiving value, longevity, creativity and personal pride and strength — in one beautiful bundle!

When I do a get acquainted call with a client, I lean into a conversation that has allowed me to not only educate, but also help them create a visual story that they will be excited to share with others!

The conversation is pretty deep and covers all types of topics such as ‘who do you want to be in a year?’,’let’s talk about why you are your brand’, ‘what story do you want to tell?’, ‘where should you use certain photos’ and ‘why even the “not-so-perfect” images matter’!


My not-so-perfect image taken 3 years ago. I saw all the things wrong with it but everyone
else saw all the right in it because it was evidently SO ME and how others saw me.
So I embraced it and it ended up going on my website!

And although this conversation has been happening for years, in the past six months, it has expanded into so much more as we look into their businesses and lives. I loving helping women like you recognize that by diving into where you want to land, exploring your dreams, addressing the ideal client, and allowing growth, that visual story begins!

In this post, I am going to share with you the first part of the conversation that I have with my women when they are considering a photo experience with me. I encourage you to grab a notebook and do this little exercise. It will allow you to dream bigger, plan strategically and when you work with your photographer (hopefully it is me!), you will have the foundation for your very own visual story ready to go.


When Patricia spoke to me about herself and her business, she said that she was working with
women over 50, sharing with them that the next phase of life was powerful and amazing!
Patricia is 74 years young and she wanted part of the conversation with her clients
to be about having fun, letting go and embracing their inner child again!
Blowing bubbles encapsulated that story, don’t you think?

Who do you want to be in a year?

This tiny but audacious question allows me to address so, so much so very quickly.

And this question seems to throw off almost every woman every time I ask it. They are pleased by it and I can (over the phone) see them starting their dreamscape…it’s pretty amazing!

I look at it like a job resume. When I used to applying for a new job (like I used to way back in the days!), I usually wasn’t looking to move laterally, I wanted to grow, learn and be more. And so my resume reflected that and it was clear that I had plans to grow both financially and professionally.

Entrepreneurs need to look at it the same way – who do you want to be in a year?

How do you plan to grow (financially and personally)?

Do you want to start speaking in 6 months?

Are you planning to write a book?

Create live webinars?

Do retreats for clients?

And so with the dream of a year ahead in mind, let’s photograph THAT woman!


Based on these and other questions that come up quite organically over the phone, I see the client starting to dream about the future, and I, too, begin visualizing what the photo shoot might look like for her. Not just a bunch of plain Jayne headshots but images with a purpose…like the ones below!

Think about it.

Dream it.

Plan it.

Do it with purpose and intention.

Create your visual story with laughter and fun and see what happens in your business! 


Catherine wanted a “power shot” since her plan was to speak about style and power at her
women’s events. She ended up using this image on her banner at conference and almost every
woman that came to her table told her that the photo was a ‘wow’ from the other side of
the room so they had to come over and see what she was all about!

I can’t wait to hear about who you want to be in a year! If you are ready to show up and be seen and create that awesome visual story, email me at rupa@woman-redefined.com and let’s set up a time to chat!

***I’m not guaranteeing every photographer will be able to do this for you. I wish they did. I’ve learned from clients that, unfortunately, many photographers don’t get this so it will then be your job to find the right fit for your needs with the perfect creative that can deliver!*** 

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