What does sexy mean to you?!

As I start to plan for the photography sessions in Boca Raton this September, I decided that for the women who booked a Signature Woman Redefined Session with me, I wanted to gift each of them a mini beach session — yeah, what I’m calling a Sexy Beach Session.  (More about that coming up in another blog post…stay tuned…)  And then during a conversation with a good friend, we started talking about how to market these and then the subject of ‘sexy’ came up and, you guessed it, we were off to the races! And it was FUN and thought provoking!

I loved it! The conversation turned into what does sexy actually mean to a woman … this intrigues me and I’d love to hear your thoughts: “What does feeling ‘sexy’ actually mean to you?”

The word “sexy” is so loaded and it can easily be misconstrued. I began to realize why women may be afraid to do a (Sexy) Beach Session.

For me, a sexy beach session for a client wasn’t about her being in a bikini or showing it all, it was really about helping her get her sexy on — in whatever way, shape or form she feels comfortable showing herself! Personally, I believe that sexy can be a sweater slightly off the shoulder or putting on a man’s shirt and having a cute bra peek through or even a cute t-shirt and shorts.  Sometimes it’s about the eyes and the look itself. It all radiates from the inside out, doesn’t it!?


I see that sexy when I work with you and it is beautiful! It doesn’t matter if it is a Lifestyle session that you will use on your website or a beach session with your feet in the sand…the sexy shows if you FEEL it!


I guess when I talk about feeling sexy, since I am a visual person, sexy for me is about feeling beautiful and powerful … maybe revealing a little bit of bare shoulders; maybe throwing out a little sassy attitude and laughing — (always laughing … as you can see me here)!


I asked this question on Facebook today and I heard back from a few women and I loved what they had to say!

“Being in love makes me feel sexy.”

ooooh….that just feels yummy, doesn’t it? Love can be intoxicating and make you swoon a bit…sexy for sure!


Sexy is about what’s happening on the inside: It’s about unassuming confidence in who you are; showering others in kindness, being present and listening; holding space for others to “just be”; it’s about feeling at ease; glowing with joy; feeling strong and vibrant; it’s about the energy you bring to a space. Sexy, for me, has very little to do with what’s on the outside.”


For me, it means feeling and looking attractive which only happens when I create the time and effort to truly take care of myself… from what I eat, to what I wear, to how active I am, to having pretty polished nails!”


Ummm…I totally get that!  I remember saying on one of my videos when I did the mirror exercise that my gold painted nails made me feel pretty that day!  And I must admit that when I am eating well and hitting dance class a few days a week, I can walk away sweaty and gross and still feel super sexy because I just feel GOOD about ME!

Am I the only one that feels this way?


 “…being sexy to me means being my highest self from the inside out with authenticity fueling connections with others. Being real shows and is very sexy!


For me, sexy is about having FUN!  I always remind my women that that is what it is all about… the makeup, the hair and the clothes is what is on the outside but it is truly about your inner Goddess shining through and smiling and having fun with it all…that is when sexy really shows up!


So, #whatdoessexymeantoyou?

Leave me a love note below…can’t wait to hear from you!




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  • Karen Scott

    Sexy to me is Confidence! Giggles and laughter. It’s like walking through life with a secret in your heart that no one else knows but it makes you feel safe secure and loved , so your forever smiling.

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