The Experience

The Woman Redefined Experience is what all of my entrepreneurial women talk about.

I’ve been told there is an “after party” post-session that would make my heart feel good. My client, Amy, told me a few of the ladies who belong to a business group together were talking about their experiences in front of the camera. The “word on the street” was that their Woman Redefined Session was amazing and beyond their expectations.

I rarely get to hear all the love and laughter that’s shared among the many women I have photographed. The glow of the “after party” my clients get to experience is something I am grateful for.

The Experience starts with the initial phone call with me. I love asking unique questions that really get my women excited about what’s ahead. And after we book your shoot, you will receive a What to Wear/Getting Ready Guide to help you indulge a little and shop for yourself. I encourage you to add a manicure and pedicure so your shopping spree is truly a day all about you!

What to Expect on the Day of Your Woman Redefined Session

The most important thing to remember is that this experience is all about taking care of YOU. When you enter the studio space, you enter a sacred space. Your job is to relax and allow my team to take care of everything.

Our goal is to ensure that on this day, you feel like a princess!

Welcome to a Woman Redefined photo experience!

We begin with a private Elevate Session with a Master Healer, followed by a professional photo-ready hair and makeup session. Our mission is to bring your inner glow, outward! We’ll have time to relax, have a sip of wine, nosh on some snacks, and talk about your style from clothes to jewelry to shoes.

Then, I allow you to shine from the inside out.

Don’t be surprised if you notice yourself feeling more relaxed than you expected. We take playtime seriously, so expect some giggling and play. We want you to be in a space of inner calm and confidence before your session starts so that you forget there is a camera in front of you for the day. This day is all about YOU — consider it a day of pampering for you and your business!

Oh, and I want you to forget the typical, corporate headshots, too. Those are so passé. Your photos will reveal your power, your strength, and your brilliance. No old-school headshot can tell your unique story.

What’s next?

Are you ready to reconnect to the woman you are on the inside? Are you ready to become a Woman Redefined? Let’s schedule time to talk by phone so I can understand what you do and how you want to represent yourself “on film.”

If you aren’t sure about how to represent yourself in photos, don’t worry. I’ll coach you through that during our call. Click here to schedule time with me. I can’t wait to help you shine from the inside, out.


What is an Elevate Session?
My vision is for you to feel amazing, look amazing, and show up effortlessly. And as much as I create this environment during the photo shoot, I decided to do a bit more for you. So Elevate was born.

Elevate is the prequel to the Woman Redefined photography experience. Think of it as a mind-body-spirit experience by my Master Healer. She will guide you as you call out your inner diva and remove any anxiety or stress you may have carried in with you into the Studio Space.

She will guide you through breathing, stretching, yoga poses, energy healing and body-image exercises that bring your true inner beauty out.

The idea of being visible and showing up will no longer be daunting. The images I create for you will tell the real story of you.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot be held responsible for how seriously AMAZING you will look & feel during your Woman Redefined photo session!

Are you ready to...
Break the emotional barriers of being seen?
Embrace your Inner Goddess?
Feel beautiful just as you are?
Show up strong every day?

Let’s start your journey now! Download my gift to you —
“Give Yourself Permission to be Visible - 7 Simple Ways to Show Up & Shine!”

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