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Maribel came to the studio for her Woman Redefined photo session in November and we had so much fun! She was open to a bit of play with light and so as it got darker quicker than I had anticipated that day, we landed at a cool spot near the studio on the West Side of Atlanta and continued the shoot in the dark!

I love Maribel’s spirit and energy — and let me tell you all — she has it in spades!! Her laugh and gorgeous smile made me giggle and laugh with her!


Born in Puerto Rico with Chicago now her permanent home, she was in Atlanta because she was on a contract project and almost done and ready to really start digging into her own business(es) for which she has been planting the seeds for about a year now. And when I say seeds, I’m talking BIG seeds! She is a Chemical Engineer with a focus on Industrial Biotechnology (ummm…not sure about you but I barely could get through first year chemistry in high school so…yeah, all I know is that sounds pretty awesome!) and although she does contract for Fortune 500 companies with her skills, her passion is quite different.

So when we did her photo shoot, we talked about that before we worked together. It’s important to me to really create a shoot that shows that my client is her own brand – to show her personality and energy but also as it relates to what her end goal is with their business. With her photo shoot, we wanted to portray approachable and professional and a little bit edgy and sexy as well.


Maribel has started her very own skin car line, Mareluna Essentials! Her background enabled her to know enough to create the magic and so she went for it! My favorite of her products is her Besos Lip Care kit…I mean which woman doesn’t want luscious, kissable lips all year long!?


Self proclaimed old soul, one who is easily bored by rules (yaay!!), serial entrepreneur, dreamer and smart survivor, she expanded her technical knowledge and got certified in holistic healing arts and care. She said it was important to her that she worked with all types of women to  mentor and empower them to help achieve their goals and create their own destinies.

Yes, please!!


Needless to say, we had a lot of laughs and a total blast at her Woman Redefined session! I have a feeling her photos are going to make you smile as well!





A big thank you to Glam by Marina for gorgeous hair and makeup for this session!

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