Hibernation mode is necessary.

Who says that the New Year must begin on January 1st?

Not me. I’m still in hibernation mode.

Hibernation mode is necessary. It is peaceful. It is productive. It is energizing.

I encourage all of you to press the Hibernation Mode button every so often. That is what I plan to do this year in 2017.

So while everyone is like ‘rah rah rah’ about ALL the stuff they are going to do, I am like yes, I am going to have a kick ass year but in order to do that, it is going to be absolutely necessary for me to press pause every so often.

So guess what, as I plan my calendar for this new year, I am actually adding 3 days a month where I will pause, hibernate, sleep, play, find joy, and sleep some more. Some months these may be 3 days in a row and others, they may be spread out and they won’t be days for me to catch up on shopping for groceries and running the car to the shop or grabbing dog food.

Nope. Remember this is Hibernation. Like a bear does. That will be me.

I thought last week would be that for me but it was the week after a super busy season (yaaay!) of Puparazzi Portraits (my pet photography line) and Woman Redefined photo sessions. My body was tired and my brain was spent and the holidays came and went too quickly and for some reason I thought that the week between Christmas and New Years, I would not only decompress, but clean the office, the guest room, hang all my art work, organize the pantry…ummm…no. Almost none of that happened.

What I ended up doing about 80% of the time was sleeping and hanging out with girlfriends over dinner and drinks and spending time with the family. I did spend New Year’s Eve afternoon with my daughter and my son’s girlfriend hanging up art work and it was so much fun! Here was the result — is that awesome or what?


Oh and the killer? I kinda’ felt GUILTY for some of it! As if hibernating was being lazy or that I was a total slacker.

THAT is also going to change in 2017. I haven’t truly picked my word of the year yet but it is getting close…and I think it is going to be either Permission or Receive. Or maybe both because damn, I need to give myself permission to receive and enjoy and play AND hibernate whenever the f— I feel like it!

And listen, that doesn’t mean the business all out stops. It doesn’t because I still put together a date for mini sessions to take place in January. I signed up for a cool workshop for myself later this month. Bottom line is that I am a solopreneur so business does continue but I am also learning that I need to know when to press the pause button to take care of myself and when I do that, business and life is just plain better!

This Rupa Bear will come out of hibernation next week, usually it is around January 7th or 8th that life wakes back up for me.

How do you plan to press the Pause Button? What does it look like for you?

In the mean time, I am going to take time to do journal all the amazing things that I am grateful for from 2016. It was a shitty year for my health but lots of good came out of it and I need to acknowledge those things! I am going to clean my office later this week so it feels better when I walk in. My daughter and I are also hosting a Vision Board Day this Sunday where friends will come over to create their vision for 2017 and I can’t wait to do my own!


I posted this image of this gorgeous piece of artwork on FB the other day, acknowledging the joy I get
whenever I see her displayed in our home. From the amazing details of her eyelashes to the bangles on her wrists,
she is free and loving life — listening and swaying her hips to the music!  My daughter placed her
alongside the new modern gramophone I bought at an art show and it is
magic every time I walk by and see them together!

Oh and did I mentioned that I am going to create that 2017 business and life calendar that will have those ‘Rupa in hibernation’ days included? No better way to give learning how to give permission to receive, don’t you think?

How do you plan to hibernate this year? Most blogs and coaches are asking you what you plan to do to get bigger, make more, grow more, but not this chick. I want to know how you plan to press the Pause Button and what are you going to do when you allow yourself that time? Give me some ideas ’cause I may want to borrow for my own pause days!






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