Every girl should have her make up done & wear false eyelashes … just for one day.

Yes, a long title, I know.  BUT it totally made me giggle when I heard Christy say that the day we did her session!

That was three years ago and it still rings true!

Every time I watch a woman getting pampered at the hands of my makeup artist, sipping a glass of champagne and feeling like the diva she totally is, I can totally see in her how amazing all of that feels!

And here’s the thing, that yummy FEELING, it exudes to the outside of you, too! And so, when you feel pampered and are having fun and forget that there is a camera in front of you, the TRUE YOU comes out! Of course, you all KNOW that is what I LOVE!

When I first started Woman Redefined, I didn’t require a makeup artist. I thought I’d be “that photographer” that helped clients save money or time, etc. And very quickly though, I learned that THAT was totally not the point.

The EXPERIENCE is the point. Period. Done.

So I changed my process. I created the way I wanted to work with my women — it was all about the experience from start to finish — makeup, hair, conversation, laughter and giggles and sometimes tears — it has now become a normal and amazing part of the studio day!

Transformations occurred.

And here’s the thing, it was NEVER really about the makeup. (You probably already knew that but you know, it took me a minute!)

I saw my women letting their Inner Diva out to play!

And I realized that when the inside feels strong, powerful, and gorgeous, it shows up on the outside naturally, beautifully and effortlessly!

So half lashes, gorgeous eyes, sexy lips and a dusting of powder and blush — it is a transformation that has changed many of the women I work with.


I believe that women THRIVE when they feel amazing and feel taken care of.

And that energy and focus and fun shows up, on camera.

It’s magic on purpose.

I will never forget that moment when we got going in a session and I would show a client one of the images I had taken, and she burst out in tears. When I first started, I thought I had done something wrong and then I realized that it was in that moment … this was the connection I so wanted for my women – for her to feel beautiful, to feel powerful, to know that it was the absolute right decision to show up that day and see her true self and most of all, to know that she could do this every single day of her life!


So, let me ask you, what are you doing to create your own Magic on Purpose?

Is it putting on a little bit of makeup before you step outside so it gives you a bit of attitude and grace that you want?

I know back in the day I thought that was all “fru-fru” and “whatever”… but I called BS on my own attitude about that a few years ago. I now see that the more I own who I am on the inside, that when I add a bit of “ta-da” to the outside with makeup and hair or whatever it is that makes me feel good gorgeous, I feel even more powerful and strong and ready to create my magic on purpose!

What are you doing to challenge yourself to show up and be seen?

What ONE thing do you want to do in 2017 — in both your personal and business life — that will feel like you are being pampered as if you are getting your makeup done and wearing false eyelashes while sipping on that glass of champagne!?

Dream big ladies and leave me a note below — I want to know!

p.s. I promise to share what I am doing later this month with a live video (one of those things that I am challenging myself to do) and a Blog post!!





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