I used to say, Oh, I’m just a photographer.

But after many sessions, and through the laughter, tears and deep conversations with so many women during and after their sessions, I have realized the untruth in this.

I was playing small.

The truth is, by offering a beautiful experience in front of my camera, I empower women to feel amazing. I invite them to find that part of themselves that was missing, and to honor their true selves to see how beautiful they really are.

Most importantly, I give them permission to be visible and to show up in their personal and professional lives.

Holding a space for women to embrace their own unique magnificence is why I do the work I do.

Today, I invite you to open yourself up to the possibility of your own unique magnificence.

Are you ready to show up and be visible for yourself and your business? Are you ready to represent your brand as the brilliant, beautiful woman you truly are?

I’d be honored to work with you and to see you become a Woman Redefined!


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