Clarity and inner fire.

I came back from a long walk yesterday and felt infinite clarity and inner fire. It was exhilarating and scary all at once!

At first, I wasn’t sure how it happened because it had been an emotionally exhausting weekend and my body was tired from lack of sleep and emotional overload.

Here’s how it unfolded. I decided to take a walk in the park earlier that morning, to wallow in how bad it all was.  Seeing the gray the clouds with a (tiny) peek of sunshine, I took a photo  and posted on my Instagram page , “Can emotions be wrapped in the clouds? These are mine today.” I honestly felt that way and the photo confirmed my feelings.

During my 3-mile walk, I breathed in the gorgeous fresh air (it was 60 degrees here in Atlanta!), stretched a bit afterwards and my mindset had shifted. No more wallowing in that feeling of gray clouds. I was ready to do that positive self talk that I do so well for others, but this time, it had to be for myself.


The sun had come out by the time I started the walk and it was turning out
to be a beautiful day…in many ways!

And so I did. After the walk, I got in my Miata put the top down and while I felt the air rushing by as I drove, I created the intention to not be triggered by the circumstance of my weekend. It was up to me, no one else and that was what I had to really get into my head.

I came home, stretched again and took long, deep yoga breaths! I don’t have to be in a yoga class to do these I told myself silently, just do them whenever, wherever…BREATHE!!

I realized that every time I actually breathe and stretch my arms, back, shoulders, legs, feet, toes…my body just opens up more and more.

And so does my brain.

And so does my life.

So as I drove to grab some food for dinner last night, I had to stop and grab this pic…of the sunset that you had to take a breath for…it was necessary.


“The day that started out emotionally exhausting and gray like the cloudy sky ends in clarity
and a kind of inner fire just like tonight’s gorgeous sunset!” — this was my note on Instagram that same evening!

I am slowly realizing that…

More Self Care … Touch … Love of Body … Love of Self … Stretch … Breath … Silence.

Brings Clarity. Inner Fire. Resolve. Peace. Vision. Play. 

And I’d love for you to feel the same. So as I was contemplating on what to write today, I remembered that when I first did my video series for the website, we created the Elevate Session, a Mind, Body, Spirit exercise that some clients request before a photo shoot. And many of the videos were about stretch and breath. And so I wanted to share one with you!

I invite you to watch AND do this one with my friend Carol Sue, she is awesome!! It is less than 2 minutes of a hero pose and see what starts coming up for you as you let breath into your body! from Rupa Kapoor on Vimeo.



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