A Few of My Favorite Things … and my Secret Revealed!

Who turns on Christmas music a few days before Thanksgiving?


I had to get out of my head with all the yuck going on out in the Universe right now and create some good, fun, relaxing moments that I desperately craved! So on went the music and the fireplace and it was wonderful!

And then of course, ’cause ya’all know that song lyrics are my thing right now … when those words ‘A few of my favorite things…” rang out, I thought, ‘ok, well, let’s have some fun with that!’ And so I wanted to share with you all some of mine — the perfect fix for all of you this Thanksgiving afternoon hopefully!

(p.s. evidently this song isn’t really a holiday song. It’s from ‘The Sound of Music’ but played quite a bit during the holidays! Regardless, I’m still sharing with all of you with a fun intention and so I hope you like!)

So here are a few of my favorite things (sing-song it, ya’ know?!) —

ONE | “A journal to celebrate the glory that is me, myself and I.”

favorite-thing-1I’m Kind of Awesome.

And so are you!

I received this as a gift last year from my son and his girlfriend. At a time in my life that I need to hear those words so badly and honor them and so I wrote in it every chance I got!

At first, it felt weird talking about why I was kinda’ awesome and then it turned into taking that moment to believe in myself, celebrate who I am, what I love and think out loud about what was important to me.

I love this journal! It is full of fun quotes and a page that asks “Why I’m kind of awesome today!”.

Grab one for yourself or a friend or three, here — promise you will love it!


TWO | #babystepstowellbeing

favorite-thing-twoA few months ago, I was told by a marketing gal that I might want to think about all of the foodie images I put up on Instagram every day! That there might be confusion on whether I was a photographer or a gluten free foodie/coach. And, as much as it killed me, I saw her point and did just that. No more foodie posts (except once in a blue, blue moon ’cause I can’t help myself)!

BUT that doesn’t take away my love for cooking or creating fun recipes! Many of you have messaged me asking me how I make certain foods and how I make them on the limited diet that I am allowed due to my many sensitivities.

Well, this cookbook got me started a few years ago! It encouraged me to eat well and still enjoy food at a time my body was struggling beyond belief! I still follow it but tend to tweak it to what I like and can/can’t eat and it works great.

‘Against all Grain’ by Danielle Walker took me into a yummy world of food that I did not know even existed! I was hooked! Check it out and let me know what you ended up making and what you are addicted to afterwards!  p.s. there is a chocolate cake recipe in there with the frosting that is to DIE FOR — I made it a while back and it was YUM!


THREE | The love of my life…and a bag!

You do know who the love of my life is, don’t you? If you follow me on FB, then you do and if not, I’ll share.

She is a black and white, four-legged, bossy thing called Bella and she has my heart! She is a Boston Terrier and from the day she came to us from the rescue, it was questionable on who rescued who!

So when Marc Tetro, one of my favorite pop artists, came out with these bags, I had to have one (or 3) and so for Christmas, my husband had them waiting under the tree for me!

I use the large bag for dance and yoga and the little one for my colorful pens/markers and the medium sized pouch is for travel.This way I always have a Boston with me!

btw, he makes all kinds of fun items and I promise that this would make a great gift for a special someone or you can play the “one for you, one for me” game, ’cause that’s always fun, too!


FOUR | Where will you be 5 Years from Today?

favorite-thing-8Do you think about that? I have started…just. I can sometimes barely see a year from now and 3 months away seems like an eternity. But the more I look at my business and my life and really start living it ON PURPOSE, I am starting to think about 5 years from today.

I grabbed this book in Arizona last year because it looked super creative and fun. Turns out, it is and I love that it zig zags between intentions and desires and adventures and success. Hence what prompted me to finally revealing my secret (below)!!

This book allowed me to see that I am all about experiences and yes, as much as I want and need money, it is not what drives me. And it felt so good to own that. And the best part, is that when I did start owning that, the money, the business and life has changed drastically. Things are feeling effortless and fun and I am excited about planning the year and even many years from today.

How about you, where do you plan to be 5 years from today? If you want to create your own journey, grab this book off of Amazon — it’s a super great price and a way to open up to your dreams!

FIVE | Adventure, Pampering, MORE, Body & Soul, Sparkle … (& my Secret Revealed!)

favorite-things-puerto-vallartaThese were just some of the words I cut out of magazines and put on my storyboard last year. And although I didn’t get a chance to live them out fully in 2016 due to my illness earlier this year, I decided that this storyboard will be a forever one b
ecause the vision I saw on it had so much more than a year’s worth anyway! That’s the way to turn the tables to the positive, isn’t it?

These photos were taken on my recent 50th Birthday trip to Puerto Vallarta and I was in LOVE! The same afternoon, hanging out at the pool with my sister, I actually mentioned the (big, scary) dream I have had for years — and I FINALLY said it out loud to my own surprise – because you know that is what makes it real, not when it just sits clamoring in your head!

And when I came home, I almost dismissed it again but then shared the idea with my coach, Lisa Larter, and have asked her to hold me accountable this time because I do not want to put it to the wayside any longer! She and my sister both encouraged me to make it “Rupa-esque”…hmmm…I had to play with that idea but I liked it! She told me not to think too hard about it and create the experience that I wanted for my women because it is all about the experience!

SO…Rupa, you ask, what is this dream, this one thing, will you TELL US (damn it)!??!


Well ladies … I am creating the first ever Woman Redefined Retreat in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

YES, there I TRULY said it OUT LOUD!! 

We will stay in a private home with our very own chef, a gorgeous pool and an amazing view! There will be yoga, salsa dancing, drinks, masterminding and best of all, great conversation and connection with other amazing and like-minded entrepreneurial women! And, of course, well deserved down time to shop, sleep, plan for your business or sit in the sun (or all of the above)!

OMG…and I forgot to mention that every single woman who attends will also get a private photo shoot with me! We can decide to make it sexy and intriguing or relaxed and comfortable. Either way, it will be FABULOUS and an experience that you will always remember!


Now I know what Lisa and my sister meant by ‘Rupa-esque’ — I finally got it and when I did, it has all starting to come together beautifully!

More details coming soon and a price that you won’t be able to resist — believe me! There will only be FIVE spots available for this Retreat and I so hope that you are on of the amazing women that will be joining me!

If you are on the Woman Redefined newsletter, you will have first chance to book, so scroll down and get on the list so you are the first to get the FYI!



Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorite things! This year has been full of lows and highs and as I have said before, the lows now let me know that I can bounce back to a high and usually higher than the original! I am thankful for that ability and so grateful for women like you who keep me going and allowing me to dream through it all!



Let’s start your journey now! Download my gift to you —
“Give Yourself Permission to be Visible - 7 Simple Ways to Show Up & Shine!”

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