Posts from December 2016


One for you, one for me!

That is kinda’ my mantra around the holidays when I’m out shopping for friends and family. I love giving gifts that have meaning and usually have some kind of theme and when I was able to afford it, I would start doing a “one for you, one for me” kinda’ thing! Which, of course, made…

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Who do you want to be in a year?

From the day I decided to become a professional photographer, I made the decision that it was also my job to educate clients about value and purpose of the visuals I provide and not just make it about taking pretty photos! You all know that I am a huge advocate about the “inside work” without a doubt! I…

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Every girl should have her make up done & wear false eyelashes … just for one day.

Yes, a long title, I know.  BUT it totally made me giggle when I heard Christy say that the day we did her session! That was three years ago and it still rings true! Every time I watch a woman getting pampered at the hands of my makeup artist, sipping a glass of champagne and feeling like…

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