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I’m GIVING AWAY A Woman Redefined Session!

I was watching TV last night and was so inspired by this man and what he is doing to change the lives of children in remote parts of the world and when I saw the difference it is making to the young men and women, I knew it was time for me to play my…

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A Few of My Favorite Things … and my Secret Revealed!

Who turns on Christmas music a few days before Thanksgiving? THIS GIRL DOES! I had to get out of my head with all the yuck going on out in the Universe right now and create some good, fun, relaxing moments that I desperately craved! So on went the music and the fireplace and it was wonderful!…

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The Power You Hold.

I had yet another beautiful conversation with a client who has decided to finally show up and be seen in her business and her life! I had the feeling that she needed permission to do a photo session with me and I know this because she has come to me several times wanting to do…

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I am 50! and I ain’t wasting no more time!

Lately, every time I go for a walk in the mornings, a little phrase comes to mind and then, out of the blue, I giggle because I hear it as the song lyric or see the title and artist! Weird you say, well yeah maybe but if you know me, I do tend to embrace…

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