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It started from the inside. How I decided to BE SEEN!

I am a photographer who loves being behind the lens. It is my job after all, right? I get to make women feel beautiful, confident, and in touch with who they truly are from the inside out – and I love every minute of it! But about 3 years ago, I started working with women…

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Woman Redefined | Janet

I met up with Janet for her shoot in Asheville. This eclectic, creative town was the perfect place for Janet’s Woman Redefined session! A performing songwriter and master teacher, Janet’s personality shines from within! After her shoot, she shared her experience in her newsletter. I especially love her words — “The session was so much…

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Woman Redefined | Patricia

How do I begin to describe Patricia? Words don’t seem to be enough. She is a bright, shining light. I love this woman! She truly is beautiful…inside AND out! Vibrant, strong and vulnerable, Patricia is 74 years old and is loving life and I LOVE it!! She is the owner of Sage of Age where…

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Woman Redefined | Vicki

I get the chance to meet some truly kick ass entrepreneurial women! One of them is Vicki. She is an author, therapist and an amazing woman! As I got to know her throughout the day, I saw a beautiful, gentle, compassionate woman who had such a softness about her and it allowed me to see…

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Are you ready to be seen this year? just wait until you see the set up on the other side of this video… you are going to laugh. BUT hey, I did it! My first live, uncut video for you guys as I share with you MY challenge and…oh yeah…make it your challenge to share with me as well! Let’s make this…

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